Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Day in the Life: Jack & Cora, July 2012

1:03 a.m. - Time to eat, Mom!
1:15 a.m. - Cora is in bed with Mommy (Daddy is sleeping in the guest room these days)
4:04 a.m. - Got milk?
4:20 a.m. - Lights are out - major spit up - too tired to turn lights back on
5:02 a.m. - Mommy?  Cora goes to swing - swing does trick and she falls asleep
7:05 a.m. - Cora starts grunting which wakes Mommy - this is her routine - she'll be waking soon and will be hungry
7:10 a.m. - Jack is awake

Since we are all awake, the whole family gets in bed and reads some books and gets some snuggles

7:28 a.m. - Cora gives her first smile to Daddy; Mommy is lucky enough to see it too

Mommy makes breakfast, Daddy gets a shower, Jack plays garbage trucks (perilously close to Cora)

8:00 a.m. - Mommy, Jack and Cora leave for a walk; Daddy goes to work

Somebody is awake and curious the whole ride

8:20 a.m. - Swing by Arabella St. Fire Station to check out fire engines
8:45 a.m. - Arrive at park; Jack swings and slides; Cora "swings" in Jack's lap
9:30 a.m. - Home and feeding Cora

Build lego fire stations with Jack, change Cora's diaper (and color coordinate it with her clothes - so much fun!), pick up the house

10:05 - Shower for Mommy
10:12 - Fussy baby, back to swing
10:20 - Jack: "I did a poopy - want to come and see it?,"  Since he's already in bathroom, he gets his teeth brushed and dressed.
10:35 - Reading books in Cora's room

Mommy ready to go; Cora: screaming; Jack: "NO!  I don't WANT to!"

10:55 - Everyone is in car
11:10 - Cora in Ergo baby carrier; Jack wearing leash backpack; quick farmer's market visit where Jack eats a peach off the table without buying it and Mommy manages to buy a watermelon and get it and J&C back to car
11:30 - home: Mommy does dishes, Jack plays garbage trucks

Cora gets rocked to sleep while fire trucks crash in the other room

11:55 - Jack and Mommy read Fox in Socks

12:15 - Eat lunch - grilled cheese on farmer's market bread; lychees, cherries, and bananas from the Hong Kong Market (thanks to Daddy)

12:20 - Cora wants to eat too

The couch becomes a garbage truck.

12:45 - Nap routine: read The Jungle Book and Pirates Go to School
1:00 - Soothe crying Cora, Mommy soothed by chocolate

34 minutes of quiet: Mommy reads chapter for Sunday School lesson

1:34 - "Mommy...I didn't take a nap but I was quiet."  Mommy sets timer for 25 more minutes and Jack gets back in bed with instructions to read.
1:56 - "Mommy, I need to poopy".  And boy does he.

Jack emerges from quiet time in a super sweet mood.  He has been saying "That will be a good idea?" after most of his thoughts all day.  Gets me every time.

2:07 - Jack watches first part of Cinderella while Mommy finishes her chapter and checks her email
2:35 - Snacktime for Jack and Mommy
2:52 - Jack: "You want to read this book?"  Mommy trys negotiating a different book because, no, Mommy doesn't want to read that Elmo book again.  We end up reading the Elmo book and another book.
3:10 - Mommy talks to Grammy while Jack wanders off; Cora is still sleeping
3:20 - Up to the dollhouse - Jack is making fire stations and gets Mommy to play "band"

Day starts to feel long

4:00 - Cora wakes up and eats; time out #1 of day

Drum stick goes to time out

4:15 - Diaper change and 2 smiles for Mommy

Time out #2; Mommy sends Jack off to play by himself and puts laundry away and "organizes"

Daddy comes home!  Jack goes outside with Daddy and Mommy rocks Cora and has phone call with friend.

Another kind friend brings dinner by - Jack asks said friend and Mommy "do you wanna play?" no less than 20 times.

Cora starts crying.

Jack gets bath from Daddy.

6:35 - Dinner time!
6:45 - Cora seems to get hungry whenever everyone else is eating.
7:00 - Jack gets teeth brushed and chooses Peter Pan to read
7:15 - Prayers are said and lights are out

Cora spends her evening in the bouncy seat, in Mommy's lap, and being held by Daddy.

9:00 - Bath for Cora
9:18 - Cora eats again
9:35 - Cora is asleep - but for how long?

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julie holcomb said...

Oh Courtney! This makes me tired, although I am sure my day is very similar. Felix also says "doesn't that sound like a great idea mama," many times a day. We have such sweet boys. Hope to see you soon.