Sunday, August 19, 2012

An adventurous week!

Lots going on this past week!

Sweaty nap in car better than in hot house!
Our AC went out last Friday.  By Sunday it was up to 90 degrees (inside that is) and we spent a creative Sunday out and about around town to escape the heat.  On Monday, Jacob went out of town and the temperature went up to 92 degrees.  I didn't think I had the sanity stores to make it through the night alone in the heat, so we Pricelined a hotel and spent a quiet night at the Courtyard by Marriott.  I thought I was game to come home the next day but after a day spent in every free air-conditioned place I could think of, the 94 degree inside heat had us back at the hotel.  As you can imagine, we are NOT happy with our installer but have our hands tied while we wait for the system (a complicated geothermal system) to be fixed.  The installer finally put a window unit in our bedroom on Wednesday, so with Jacob back in town, we all camped out there Wednesday night.  As of today, we are still waiting for it to be fixed!

On Thursday, I flew with Jack and Cora to South Carolina.  They did great on the flight (a direct flight to Charlotte) and we were happy to be reunited with Grammy.  In the past few days we have visited both great grandparents, gone to the beach with Aunt Kristen and Uncle William, gone to church, and had a "meet Cora/happy birthday Big Papa" lunch with extended family.
A pumper engine made out of sand
Pretty girl all dressed up for church

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