Friday, August 24, 2012

Grammy and Big Papa

There could be multiple  names for this post.  "Why I love Grammy and Big Papa," "Grammy and Big Papa Camp," "Suggestions for dealing with Grammy & Big Papa Withdrawal?"...

Big Papa
We have been having a great visit in South Carolina.  Jacob (though starting to get a little lonely now) has had some rest/quiet/freedom /time to do projects. 
I've had MAJOR help and the gift of time. Time to exercise, read, get things done, play on the computer, and see friends.  

And time to snuggle this one...

Cora has probably had the roughest week since she caught Jack's cold and hasn't been able to nap as well because of all the excitement and adventures Florence, SC has to offer.  She has had extra snuggles and got lots of new outfits (thanks Grammy and friend Kate/daughter Ava).  I probably care more about that than she does though.

Jack has been living large.  He now has a new best friend in his Big Papa (name courtesy of Jack).

He continues to adore his Grammy and Aunt Kristen.  He has been able to play involved games of fireman/fire station (complete with fire dogs, a "life net," helmet, boots, a hose, and pretend fire truck).  His Big Papa arranged a tour of the fire station down the street where Jack got to climb in the engine and see where the firemen sleep. 

He's played golf, read books, gone to the beach, eaten contraband foods, and stayed up late. 

He's met his furry cousin Donaghy and seen Aunt Kristen sing onstage at play practice.

Tomorrow we fly home - all 5 of us.  The only downside to this week is that we miss Jacob.  He has been working on some surprises around the house, so I'm excited to see the changes.  Up next: Cora's baptism on Sunday and a cook out afterward.  Jack starts school on Monday, so hopefully he'll transition well from constant adult playmates to playing well with new friends!

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