Sunday, July 14, 2013

13 month update

Cora at 13 months:

Talking: new words: doggie, duckie (we have baby ducks), a mimicked "thank you", and lots of "uh-ohs," "hi's/heys," "da-das", and "dja-dja" (Jack-Jack).  She knows ma-ma, but she only says it when she's really sleepy and hungry and it more means mama-milk.

Walking: She took her first steps a few days before her birthday but then went on pause during our trip (where she was mainly carried or strolled).  Then as soon as we got back, she took off and now toddles all over the place. This is the cute stage where we are still caught off guard by our "walking baby."

Habits: We had planned to work on her sleep habits post trip, but now she is pushing through all four molar teeth at once which is making her pretty uncomfortable.  This brings her teeth total to 12!  She usually naps twice, but has occasionally taken just one nap recently, but I think this is mainly due to discomfort from teething making it hard for her to settle down in the morning.

Words that seem most appropriate to describe Cora:
  • Expressive (lots of facial expressions) - don't believe me, just put a dog within her eyesight and see what happens

  • Gregarious (she is a people person at the moment)
  • Good natured during the day
  • A beast at night most of the time, but showing some promise this past month - for the first time ever, there were some 11 and 12 hour sleep stretches
  • Increasingly self righteous - she is starting to stand up for herself to Jack with shrieks and grabs and quick exits, as she crawls away clutching his toy
  • Confidence Booster - she lights up, shrieks, and high tails to either Jacob or I when we get back from work; she also cries big tears when we leave her :(
It still is hard for me to imagine Cora as a PERSON but she's slowly changing from a baby to her own distinct self.  I really love watching the changes - I'm always happy to just sit back and watch her or Jack play.  I also think she is just so beautiful and cute and I love how her personality is infectious and makes others smile :)

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Jessica said...

Courtney, she is so adorable! Her expressions are priceless! Please tell her that Colin is jealous of her teeth--he's only got the four in the front (top and bottom) and he would really like to be able to eat everything in sight. :-)