Sunday, July 28, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Day 11: Sunday, June 23rd

What we did: 8 hr 8 minute flight from Barcelona to JFK followed by 2 hours of deplaning/bag finding/shuttle riding to get to an airport hotel for our overnight layover.  Due to the time change (6 hours backward) we arrived at the hotel at 3pm and had thought we’d go into New York City, but we were all too wiped.  Instead, we made a brief visit to a neighborhood park, ordered pizza, and then we were all passed out by 7pm (1am Barcelona time).

What was most memorable: Cora had a near perfect performance on the plane ride. (But of course THIS would be the plane ride she'd be perfect on, not the one where I was alone!) We had requested the bulkhead because there is an infant bassinet there.  Cora was too long for this (as I’d learned on the flight over) but the extra legroom still made this a good request for us to pursue.  We were in the two middle seats of the center four, but we had enough room to lay Cora at our feet for naps and also to let her play at our feet at other points.  She took two solid naps, played contentedly, and ate a lot, allowing us watch THREE full movies.  Seeing that I only got to watch 20 minutes of TV on the flight over, this was simply decadent.  She also made an about face and ended her nursing strike suddenly and completely, nursing repeatedly on the flight and for the rest of the day. 

Day 12: Monday, June 24th

What we did: Flight from JFK to New Orleans with Cora napping under our feet (after 12 days carting a baby around the world, my mothering standards had sunk this low.)  We had a few hours to unpack at home before I returned to the airport to retrieve one of my most prized possessions :)  This guy!

I was giddy and he was extra sweet at our reunion.  I carried all 43 lbs of him around for a while and got lots of hugs.  He was excited to meet his Barcelona friend, Fireman Sam and to be reunited with his daddy and sister.

THANK YOU Mom and Dad for taking such EXCELLENT care of Jack so we could have this special time.  Jacob and I are so lucky to have family on both sides who love our children so much.  And how cute is this?  Jack and his Grammy made a scrapbook of their adventures to share with us, so I got to see all the fun things he did while he was away.

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