Friday, July 05, 2013

The 4th in Pictures

The holiday was a good reason for a day trip to the Northshore ...

with a pit stop at Target for pool gear, first shoes for Cora, and an unplanned purchase of a "Sam" DVD for Jack.  Why pay for Netflix when all we watch is the same two Fireman Sam episodes?  Jack clutched his prize for the rest of the day.

We parked at the trailhead for the Tammany Trace bike trail. We made an accidental wrong turn which led us to the Covington Fire Station where we left with air in our tires, two fire helmets, and a smiling Jack. 

 We then rode 8 miles to the Mandeville Kids Konnection playground, well worth the ride in Jack and Cora's opinions.

 Cora high steps as she gets used to walking in her new shoes!

Cora SCREAMED the 5 miles back to Abita Springs. She couldn't nap on the bike and her usual relaxed biking demeanor changed to a "why are you torturing me on this horrible device with this awful thing strapped to my head?" But with a little mama's milk in her, she was back to her happy self as we had a picnic in the grass.

But then she was back to hating us when we put her in the splash zone. But then back to loving us when we let her play at the nearby park.  Jack especially loved the zipline there.

Cora tried her best to  nap in the Wee Rider (by leaning to the side and resting her helmet on my hand) but we felt she needed a real nap, so back at the starting point, we let her rest while we all cleaned up in the bathrooms.

All cleaned up and ready for a party!

The day ended with good company, lots of watermelon (thus the naked baby), and two exhausted kids.
Happy Fourth of July!

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