Sunday, November 10, 2013

She's 17 months!

I have so much to say about Cora!  From one month to the next, she continues to change so much.

What is really cute about Cora right now:
  • She has become really loving and gives Jacob and me frequent, unprompted leg hugs.  She'll also launch herself on your back for a hug if ever you are down on her level.
  • She makes the cutest "OH MY!" expressions.  Wide, round eyes, perfect "O" mouth, body stiffening
  • She compulsively turns on the radio before going into our playroom to play.  And if it's a good song, she'll dance.
  • She has learned to nod/shake her head and so now we feel like we can have conversations with Cora.
  • She strung her first phrases together with "Hi" and "Bye".  When Jacob and Jack leave in the morning, Cora stands at the top of the stairs saying "Bye-bye da-da, bye-bye dja-dja" over and over.  When they leave and stop responding to her, she gets more insistent and starts yelling :)
  • She learned the word no and says it with a definite coyness: eyebrows arched and drawn out "No.." as she leans away.
Why I heard my husband describe my beautiful daughter as a "brat" the other night:
How could this sweet girl have a rascal side?
  • She learned the word no and uses it liberally.
  • She SCREECHES anytime she doesn't like what's happening.
  • She pulls Jack's hair when she doesn't like what he's doing.  (He is actually very patient with her and generally not the guilty party.)
  • She's learned how to pitch a fit.
  • She's become a picky eater (most of the time).
In Jacob's defense, he was actually talking about how sweet it was to have a daughter, but then had to qualify that "she's a bit of a brat lately though."  She is a charming, loving, adorable little girl, so we need to make sure we don't just see her as being cute and make sure we're consistent.  It is hard to remember this when you're used to an older child; it's easy to just write off the younger child's behavior because "she's just a baby."

Other noteworthy things about Cora this month:
A great place to do some reading!
  • She's an amazing sleeper!  She goes down at 7pm and, about 75% of the time, she wakes between 5-6am, but then nurses and goes back to sleep until 7, 7:30, even 8 once!
  • She's down to one nap after lunch.  At home, it's 3 hours; at school, it's less, so she's WIPED by dinner on school days.
  • Jack and Cora play together more and more which I love!  My favorite is when they make each other laugh :)
  • Cora pays attention to routines and mimics what she sees the rest of us doing (in the bathroom, getting dressed, turning off lights, climbing stairs, closing gates, etc.)  Because of this we got our little potty out and she likes to sit on it, but nothing much has happened.
  • Nursing moved back up to the top of her favorite things list.  She loves "mih" and knows exactly where to find it.  To anyone who says that "when they are old enough to ask for it, they're too old for it," you've obviously never nursed a 12+ month baby!  It's a really beautiful connection. Nursing at this point is much less demanding on the mom, so comforting to the baby, and a two-way bonding experience.  To have Cora be upset and to ask her "will milk make it all better?" and to have her stop crying and nod her head.  PRICELESS!
17 months old!

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