Saturday, November 30, 2013

NO kids...

This week, for the first time in TWO years and FIVE months, Jacob and I went on vacation without our children.  (I choose not to count our April 2012 Asheville trip as I was 8 months pregnant. That definitely doesn't count.)

That's a LONG time folks!

Happy that our children were now well, I just needed to get past the act of leaving them (you know when you actually leave and there is crying from both big and little eyes) and then I knew I would L.O.V.E. our trip!

The plan was to drive to Meemaw's house (Jacob's mom) on Sunday, acclimate them, and then leave on Monday morning.  Jack had been counting down to Meemaw Camp all week, so he helped ease the parting by saying to his aunt on Sunday night:
"Do you know what is REALLY exciting me?  (eyebrows raised, voice pitched high, eyes cut towards Jacob and me) "They're leaving."


Whatever!  I know he loves us and I was happy to see how excited he was to spend three days with his Meemaw, aunts, and his cousin Wyatt.  He was just as excited for his three day "camp" as we were about our trip!

I was more worried about Cora.  I figured she'd be fine, but she's always had either Jacob or me with her at night.  She did cry when we left (a momma's ego needs a little stroking) but quickly calmed down and also had a blast with Meemaw's toys, lots of extra love, and a new place to toddle around.

Day 1 (rainy) was craft day.

Day 2 (also rainy) was baking day.

Day 3 (sunny!) was adventure day.  Out to lunch, holding alligators, and a visit to the fire station!

I think they look like they are having fun.

Ok, maybe not here :)

Jacob will be quick to tell you that I was only willing to leave Cora for 3 days, but I thought that was quite enough for her first time apart.  So we decided on the unusual vacation choice of Houston, because it was only 3 hours of additional driving past Meemaw's house.  It was in the 40's and rainy most of the time, but we didn't care.  Highlights:

  • Holes on audiotape in the car
  • Trying out all the Houston Yelp recommendations, our favorite: Uchi for sushi
  • Not one, but TWO matinees!

Catching Fire and 12 Years a Slave - highly recommend both
  • A very nice, new hotel - got to love Priceline!  $76 for a 4*
  • Shopping
  • Gym visits before late dinner reservations - oh the DECADENCE of it all!
(Had to laugh remembering visiting the gym on our California Thanksgiving trip last November... we were there at 5:00 AM with two kids! since J & C were waking at 4 AM due to the time change)

  • Quiet time to do whatever I felt like
  • Time to talk (without 80 interruptions) and hang out with each other
We got home late Wednesday after J & C were asleep, but it was awesome to see Cora's sleepy smile in the middle of the night when she saw her Momma was back!

We have our hands full with these two right now (and will need to have monthly vacations to have any chance of staying refreshed for them...) but we are so thankful for their exuberant, healthy, opinionated selves!

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