Monday, December 02, 2013

My favorite little boy

There is so much to love about this little boy. 

Jacob was out the other night and Jack and I sat side by side, sipping hot chocolate, just chatting about all the excitement of his birthday week.  In his red and green Christmas pajamas with a chocolate mustache and shining blue eyes, he just made my heart melt.  When he's sweet, he is SWEET.  The rub your arm-give you a kiss-light you up with his excitement and energy-kind of sweet.

He plays librarian. 
He plays school. 
He puts out record numbers of fires. 
He reads and reads and reads. 
He is so smart. 
He's my champion.
He loves routines and rituals. 
He loves fire.
He LOVES food.

We have challenges and it's so easy to talk about those, but on the eve of his birthday, I want to say that Jack Landry is an AWESOME kid.  A gift from God.  A potential force for good in this world, God-willing we can do our duty as his parents.

I love him so much...    

Happy 4th Birthday Jack!

Some of my favorite pictures of Jack:

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