Tuesday, November 26, 2013

When Daddy's away...


Jacob's first trip after Cora's birth: He departs for the airport at 4am, leaving me in the bathroom with Jack who is heaving over the toilet.  6 week old Cora wakes up soon thereafter, so we just go ahead and start the day.

October 2013 trip: Jack gets an intense and messy stomach bug.  It hits me next.  Jack, meanwhile, has recovered, leaving me alone and barely functioning with two high energy children on my hands.

Last week's trip: Cora's cold turns into a fever which turns into an ear infection, turning her into an unable to sleep, distraught mess.  I have the same cold, fever, and a splitting headache.

I'm sensing a trend.  Note to husband: You will never be allowed to leave again.

For my own confidence levels and for Jack's and Cora's sake, I'd like to prove to myself that I can rock the solo parenting gig.

There were some bright spots last week.  Since Cora was passing out by 6pm each night, Jack and I had some very sweet time together and worked on several art projects.  He really likes to fully take part and I'm seeing that he's actually more capable than I give him credit for.  He loves himself some scissors, so I traced shapes for him to cut out.
Memory game in the doll house
 I was also proud how I figured out how to accomplish most of my work to-do list on the day Cora needed to stay home from school.  I had a 20 step list and we accomplished it all before 11, with her visiting two of my schools.  But at naptime everything went downhill.  I tried for hours to get her to nap, but she just screamed in pain every time she lied down... which led to the LONG stretch between 4pm and 6pm with a grumpy, sick toddler, a cooped up little boy, and a grumpy mom who just wanted to lay down my aching head.

This was probably 5:00

SO HAPPY to see this guy!

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