Saturday, November 20, 2010

New England Trip - Day One

I woke up at 5:55 this morning, but in a good mood, because I could sense my mom and dad were planning an adventure. It was off to the airport, but I wasn't scared. My mom and dad brought ALL my favorite things - my stroller, my car seat, even my blue bear and my duck. No longer are they the light travelers of their TFA recruiting days.

I had a great time on the first flight. I played with my duck and practiced saying my 3 words: mama, dada, and duck. I had breakfast and got my diaper changed in the airplane bathroom - twice! Climbing on mom and dad was more fun than the idea of napping, so I stayed awake the whole flight.

Our next flight was shorter and I got my own seat. While my mom was nursing me, we found out that the disposable diapers we're using on this trip aren't as trusty as my cloth ones. I accidentally peed all over me and her during this flight - oops. But I did get a nap.

We arrived in Portland and it's a good bit colder than back at home. Even so, on the car ride to the hotel I pulled off my socks and unsnapped my outfit, just because I can.

The coolest part about Portland so far is our hotel! It's a new Residence Inn and I LOVE it! There are lots of drawers to open and nobody tries to stop me! I think my mom and dad wanted me to take a nap, but I was too excited, so I just laid in my new bed and talked to my bear for a while.

We went out in the cold to get some dinner. The restaurant was called Duck Fat. I think mom and dad liked it, but I only thought it was so-so. The tables were tall but the high chairs were normal size, so I didn't have a great view. Dad had a duck confit sandwich, Mom left with a chocolate gelatto milkshake, and I ate the last of the steel cut oats and grapes that Mom packed for me.

After we watched LSU win their big game, we went to the hotel pool. Did I mention I love my hotel? Now I'm finally going to sleep, but have big plans for tomorrow!


ba said...

I want to come too!!!


Big R said...

Love it! keep writing!