Monday, November 22, 2010

New England Trip - Day Three

4:00 - I'm awake and want to eat (yes, I still have that habit)

6:00 - I'm awake and want to snuggle (Daddy puts me in the big bed)

7:00 - I'm awake for good

8:15 - It's oatmeal and bananas for breakfast again

9:00 - I've put in my request for a morning nap

9:45 - I had second thoughts and didn't actually go to sleep until now

11:00 - We finally leave the hotel for the first time - all our stuff comes with us as we prepare to drive south

11:10 - The car turns back toward Portland - mom and dad left my ear medicine at the hotel.

12:30 - We stop in Kennebunk, ME. I get to ride on daddy's back. We get some lunch (me: leftover risotto, applesauce, and daddy's pickle) and stop by a toy store. Dad makes a half-exception to his no toys rule and buys me a new book.

2:15 - I read my new book all the way to New Hampshire.

3:00 - We stop in Portsmouth, NH. Daddy bundles me up in the stroller and I quickly fall asleep. I wake up to find myself in a coffee shop. This is no ordinary coffee shop as there is a play area, so Mom and I go play while Daddy reads.

5:00 - We are back on the road. I have a new habit of pitching a fit whenever I'm put in my car seat or stroller. I'm always fine once I'm in, so Mom and Dad are pretty confused (and sometimes embarrassed) by this new habit.

6:00 - Mom and Dad miss the exit for our hotel but luckily there is a "U-Turn to Boston" sign that lets us try again.

6:30 - Check in at the Hyatt. Pros to this new home: 16th story view, a toilet paper roll I can reach, a rolling footstool. Cons: MUCH smaller than our last digs, not as many drawers to play with

7:15 - Dinner with Amy and Tim, Mom's friends from Hawaii. I gnaw down three rolls, eat some gnocchi and a whole banana. I rip up Tim's placemat and give Amy some high fives. By the end of the meal, I'm on the floor pushing my high chair around.

9:15 Back at the hotel - bath time!

9:30 Read my new book with Mommy - she's trying to teach me to say 'bird'

9:32 It takes Daddy less than a minute to get me down.

Long, full day!

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Big R said...

a kiss to you all!