Thursday, November 25, 2010

New England Trip - Day Six

Wow - we seem to be having lots of bad luck in the last 24 hours! Here is a recap:

-10:45 pm - Jack wakes up burning up. We knew his lingering cold might lead to another ear infection so his pediatrician prescribed him an antibiotic to help ward it off. He's been on it the whole trip, but apparently it didn't do the job! Jack was inconsolable so his wonderful dad went out into the COLD streets of Boston to find an all-night drug store. He came back with Tylenol and a thermometer. 103.8 temp. The poor baby could not get comfortable and pretty much cried straight through until 2am when he finally fell asleep. Mind you we were in a HOTEL room - makes you appreciate being at home when your baby is sick. We changed his diaper, stripped him, redressed him, gave him a bath, rocked him sitting, rocked him standing, put him in his crib, put him in our bed, etc. I kept having the urge to call someone for help (Mom) but then I remembered that I'm the mom and that the buck stopped with me (and Jake).

Luckily, Jack woke up feeling much better (if a little tousled). His doctor called in a new prescription and we're giving that a try tonight.

We left Boston and set off for Woods Hole where we would catch a ferry to Martha's Vineyard. On the way, we made a quick stop in Plymouth, MA.

We saw the "Mayflower II", a replica of the original Mayflower.

We also saw "Plymouth Rock" which may be more mythological than historical, but still, it was neat to see the general area where the Pilgrims landed almost 400 years ago.

So on to more bad luck....

- We arrive at the Martha's Vineyard ferry dock 5 minutes after the 3:45 ferry leaves. Alas, we will take the 5:00 ferry.
- We arrive on Martha's Vineyard on foot ready to take the bus to our hotel only to find that the buses don't run on Thanksgiving. We call a cab.
- Jake and I both agree that there will be no tip for this cabbie. He overcharges and answered his cell phone several times on the ride, swerving out of the lane as he does so. Not the best way to get a tip from a budget conscious dad and a protective mama bear. Unfortunately, he counts his money as we give it to him and walks off grumbling "I guess they don't tip down in New Orleans."
- Our hotel is beautiful! Unfortunately, our room is on the 3rd floor of a building without an elevator. Not ideal with several bags, a large stroller, and a 25-lb baby who never went down for his afternoon nap.
- Uh-oh. That 25 lb grumpy baby is only wearing one shoe. That means the other shoe is in the car of the grumbling cabbie. We'll tackle that one tomorrow.
- Double uh-oh. That 25 lb grumpy one-shoed baby has parents who left the pack of diapers in the car back on the mainland. Are there any in the diaper bag? One. ONE diaper. And it's Thanksgiving night on a dark island and we're staying in a small inn.

Did I mention that baby's new medicine has the side effect of an upset stomach? Wish us luck!!

There is no question we have tons to be thankful for - maybe all these mishaps are intended to remind us that it doesn't really matter if things don't always go your way as long as what is most important remains intact.

Update: Our luck turns. We bathe Jack and put him in the stroller. Within 5 minutes he's asleep. We take the stroller (covered with a blanket) into the hotel restaurant where he snoozes and we enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner. On the way back to the room, a young family overhears our diaper plight and offers to share. We are thankful!


Nate the Great said...

Happy Thanksgiving you guys!
Glad that the day ended better than it started! Love you all,

Aunt Lisa

Jessica said...

I can only laugh and hope that your trip gets better! I hate those diaper emergencies!

ba said...

Wow, does that bring back the memories. And you'll be just like us, laughing about it when you are empty nesters!


Cherry B said...

Love the updates and that it's from Jack's point of view :) Hope your trip is fantastic and continues to give you things to be thankful for!