Saturday, January 14, 2012

16 weeks

16 weeks pregnant - 1/14/12

I am convinced we are having a girl. Convinced to the point that I'm willing to write that down and open myself up to having my intuition publicly proven wrong. With Jack, I "thought" I was having a boy more than a girl based on the fact that my mom was really sick with her 3 daughters, but not with my brother. I was having an easy pregnancy with Jack so it made me think maybe I was having a boy too. That proved to be right obviously :)

Since I have had a much different and more nauseated pregnancy, I think the idea that I'm having a girl this time presented itself and has now had 3 months to really take hold. I sometimes forget no one has actually confirmed this for me. I call the baby "Baby Cora" as does Jack and my mom as well for that matter. (Jacob has not signed on to this name by the way, but Jack and I have!) I also tend to refer to the baby as "she". And I may actually have bought her not one (which could be excusable and easily regifted later) but TWO little girl outfits today!!

I really would love either a girl or boy so this is not a matter of preference, just a strong feeling. I'd say I "feel" like I'm having a girl this time. We're going to find out, so the ultrasound technician will get the honor of validating or disproving my intuition next month!

Week Sixteen Stats:

How I know I'm pregnant:
Biggest signs this week: I unquestionably look pregnant and I have a voracious, but still picky appetite,

I ate too much this week to the point where I brought back some afternoon/evening nausea just because my continuous hunger in the morning was leading me to overeating and then feeling ill. I learned my lesson by the end of the week and am feeling better again.

My healthy pregnancy intentions for last week (how I did):

1) Visit midwife on Wednesday to hear heartbeat again (This was really fun to get to hear our baby's heartbeat again. It again confirmed that there is an actual little person developing in there! I've gained 5 lbs total and got a healthy report. My mom and Jack came with me so they also got to "hear the baby.")

2) Deprioritize the house as this week will be busy. Jacob is attending a 7 day intensive start-up week to his MBA and I'm going to a conference for work all day every day. Luckily my mom is arriving today to watch Jack and give him some much needed attention. (This week was even crazier than I imagined as Jacob was gone from 7:30-9 most days and I forgot what it can feel like to work full time days. My mom was awesome and Jack had such a great time with his Grammy. A few house things did get checked off, so we continue to make positive progress with getting settled.)

3) Start my Bradley exercises for REAL! (Did okay with this, did some Kegels and Pelvic tilts - namely bc my back was calling for them!)

My healthy pregnancy intentions for this week:

1) Plan healthy dinners for my family and make sure my hunger urges have healthy foods around to satisfy them.

2) Keep doing Bradley exercises: Kegels, pelvic tilts, tailor sitting and squats

3) Join the Tulane gym thanks to Jacob's student discount!

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Kimberly said...

I had the same feeling about this pregnancy and my gut was right! I didn't even really have a preference, but compared to my two "easy boy" pregnancies, this one was definitely different...especially early on! I can't wait to find out if you're right. Sounds like you're doing great. Take care!