Saturday, January 28, 2012

18 weeks

18 weeks pregnant (1/28/12)

I'm just feeling really blessed and lucky this week. I had some productive days at work early in the week, Jack went to school without tears for the first time since Christmas, I'm really loving our new house, I'm loving how many connections we've made and are enjoying in New Orleans, and I've been having a great trip to see my family in SC!

I've missed Jacob the last few days, but it has been GREAT to come home. Since we've lived in NOLA, I've made it a priority to visit SC a few times a year. My parents are great about visiting me and we usually meet up in WY over the holidays, but I also like going "home". I grew up in Florence and it's a small enough town that it's easy to still feel connected. I've also stayed close to two of my high school friends and it's fun to reconnect when I'm in town. Erin and Kate and I do a girls' night and also try to do a play date with our progeny :) I don't know if they noticed anything, but I think it's something to watch 5 small children play together (or rather next to each other) and know that they came from us. Our friendship goes back to grade school, so that's why it's worth noting.

Other benefits of being at home:

#1 - Grammy and Big Papa - Jack loves them both and they love him! Grammy takes great care of him and lets me do things like sleep in, take naps, and read my book :)

#2 - Meals appear in front of me!

#3 - I don't have much to do while Jack is napping so I actually can clean out my inbox or just do nothing.

#4 - I get to see my extended family. I got to attend one of my first family functions in years bc I actually happened to be in town!

#5 - I got to see my beautiful and talented sister Kristen in The Putnam County Spelling Bee - which she ROCKED as Olive Ostrosvsky. (This also resulted in me being an onstage volunteer speller and being introduced as "Courtney Landry, President of her middle school abstinence club - haha baby bump!)

Now I just have to get Jack and me home tomorrow!

Week Eighteen Stats:

How I know I'm pregnant: Backache and little movements throughout the week

Food wasn't as much my friend this week, but I still ate a lot of it.

My healthy pregnancy intentions for last week
(how I did):

1) Go to the gym twice (Yes!)

2) Do back strengthening exercises + do my Bradley exercises 4 days (Back exercises - YES! Bradley - not really)

3) Be very well-planned for my solo airplane trip to SC with Jack so it doesn't turn into a stressful experience (NERVOUS about this trip! I've done it before but I wasn't pregnant and Jack wasn't a very big and willful TWO!) (Yes! 1 down and 1 to go)

My healthy pregnancy intentions for this week:

1) Go to the gym 1-2x.

2) Take time throughout the day to do my pelvic tilts to try to stay on top of the backache.

3) Plan out meals for the week that involve COOKING and healthy food.

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Erin said...

Definitely noticed! It's a pretty special thing, too. Loved getting to hang out so much and catch up. I can't wait to know for certain that Baby is a girl.:)