Monday, June 09, 2014

Happy Birthday Cora!

Breakfast in bed for a 2 year old involved co-opting the guest bed and laying down a picnic blanket!

Cora's present from Jack, a hand-decorated piggy bank complete with coins he shared with her

Present from Daddy: The Girl and the Bicycle by his friend Mark Pett - a tearjerker!

2 year old Miss Priss is off to her first day of summer camp at her school, the Child Development Program.

Lunch with Daddy

Running around Daddy's office was the best part

Now I can face forward!

 Nap and then dinner outside, per Cora's request

 Ice cream at Creole Creamery

Present from Mommy: "A Baby Girl Named Cora" ( - pretty easy to make your own book!)

I love you!

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