Friday, June 06, 2014

Me and My 3 Kids

May 11, 2014: Mother's Day

Now when I'm out with both Jack and Cora, I keep having the thought "Wow!  Here I am out with my THREE kids!"  Now the third one is a little sesame seed conveniently tucked away inside, but I know how quickly seven-eight more months will pass and all three of those kids will be outside!

I continue to feel such peace and happiness about this baby.  I'm thinking of him/her as "the tiny one."  There is a lot of impending change for the Landrys but that doesn't make me feel any less ready for this new life.  Jacob and I have always wanted at least three kids and the timing, while not fully intended, is feeling really right.

I can't wait to experience this pregnancy with both Jack and Cora.  We are waiting to tell Jack because he already tells strangers whatever is on his mind, so we want to get a little further along before equipping him to spill the news right and left.  And Cora loves babies.  I want to help her feel excited about having her own baby.

I've been a little nervous this week because I still feel pretty great.  My memories of early pregnancy are decidedly not feeling great, but I found out earlier this time around, so I might find the nausea is just around the corner.  It's a bit ironic, because of course having an easy pregnancy would be GREAT since I already have two active little children.  But in my experience, a healthy pregnancy is a sick pregnancy, at least for a while.  Only time will tell.

I do have occasional waves of nausea, but very minor.  (I just eat a little snack or distract myself.)  I've also taken four naps this week which is unheard of, so I'm definitely feeling tired.  Jacob and I both went to bed at 9pm on Friday and somehow our children let us sleep till after 7am on Saturday, yet I still passed out for a catnap the next afternoon.

I can forget I'm pregnant during the day, but at night I feel a density in my belly, have a hard time getting comfortable, and have been waking to pee!  Oh how well I remember how changed sleeping becomes!!

So I guess I'll have my arms even more full next Mother's Day.  What a blessing.

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Annie said...

Courtney!! i didn't know you were pregnant! Yay! I am so thrilled for you. I am also so glad that you are feeling pretty good! I felt like with Finley that I actually got to enjoy the newborn phase because I was so relaxed and had done it two times before. Keep me posted on the gender. :)