Friday, June 06, 2014

Pregnant for the third time

May 2, 2014

And I'm excited :)

I'm the big 4 weeks and 4 days, so I'm still at a point where I completely forget this new development and then something will remind me and it's like Wow; WOW! (!!)

And I'm so pleasantly surprised how relaxed I am and how genuinely excited I am!  I feel just as in awe as I felt with finding out the first or second time.  I've been looking at Jack's 47 lb, crazy-full-of-life, full cheeked and blue eyed self and being like WOW - this was you once.  Who is this new child inside?  And looking at Cora, I'm just reminded of how quickly we went from finding out we were pregnant with her to her becoming more and more of a PERSON every day.

We didn't plan this baby and I PLAN things.  And yet I feel so relaxed!  Crazy!

I will say that finding out you are pregnant with your third child is a little different in the immediate minutes afterward.  Jacob and I were both like "huh."  (And we just left the pregnancy test sitting on the porch for a while, you know, slowly letting it sink in.)

I wasn't trusting the result of test one.  (Yes, you can potentially make errors when taking a pregnancy test.)  Jacob felt confident.  (He wasn't even in the room when I took it, yet somehow he felt confident from his not-in-the-body-in-question position that I was indeed pregnant.)  He said "don't waste money on another test, just wait a few days and see what happens."  Easy for him to say.  I made an executive decision (being the one in the body in question and all) to go get another pregnancy test the next day and it was only after that test, that I felt fully convinced.  Which is ironic, because I'd been thinking I was pregnant for days at that point.

I like how I become so much more attuned to what's happening in my body during pregnancy.  It's so cool to feel changes and know that there's this miraculous thing happening out of sight and even out of mind sometimes.

I've felt physically great all week and it's hard to imagine that changing.  Food has tasted great and I've been running even!  (For the first time in months!  Oh darn, what timing!)

I'd thought I might wait a bit to tell anyone, but I was feeling so excited tonight that I called my parents.  Of course I have told Cora, but she just laughs and laughs when I mention there is a baby in my belly.  She's a big fan of checking out her (or anyone else's) belly-button so she thinks I'm just mixing up the normal game.  :)

Haven't told Jack yet as he's not one to keep anything quiet!

I'm just really happy right now :)  Baby #3!!!

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