Sunday, February 12, 2012

20 weeks

20 weeks pregnant (2/12/12)

This week was a much better one at the Landry household. That whole "the definition of insanity ...." clicked for me this week, so I took a different approach to Jack's naptime. More play time and attention before nap + a later start + a willingness to "lay down with me Momma" served me well most days and I just handled things better this week in general.

Time is a-passing! I'm officially on the second half of my pregnancy. I feel really good right now and am looking forward to starting a fun Mardi Gras season and the BIG excitement of this week which is our 20 week ultrasound on Thursday!

Jack became the first person to feel the baby kick this week, which was really sweet. He is totally into this baby and I'd say he "gets it" pretty well. He's always asking if the baby is "awake" and now that he got a kick he wants to feel for another one. Jacob also felt some kicks for the first time last night.

Week Twenty Stats:

How I know I'm pregnant: well if I'm being honest, constipation; there has been a definite increase in the strength of the kicks this week

I've been better about my sweets (though man I do love them) and I cooked 3 healthy dinners again, so pat on my back

My healthy pregnancy intentions for last week
(how I did):

1) Midwife appointment on Tuesday (my BP was a little low, but otherwise everything was good - have gained 9.5 lbs. I continue to tell anyone who will listen that I think this baby is a girl so it's now even written in my chart "thinks its a girl" :) )

2) Start prenatal yoga on Thursday (yes!)

3) Eat no more than 1 dessert a day (yes, I normally eat two) (I really worked on this and nearly all days I ate either just one or one and a bite)

My healthy pregnancy intentions for this week:

1) 20 week ultrasound!! I am so excited to see this baby. We haven't had any ultrasounds so it will be our first glimpse of our baby. I'm also so excited to know the sex and get a little bit more of our future colored in. I'm also anxious to know that this baby is healthy. I know that most babies are born healthy and I pray that this baby is blessed with great health.

2) Go to the gym 1x and walk most other days.

3) Keep on top of my back exercises as I think this has helped keep the backache minimal.

4) Keep working on the one sweet a day goal despite the Mardi Gras temptations.


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I think I should use your "pregnancy goals" as my regular goals (minus the ultrasound...haha!). I'm so glad you had a better week. It definitely is easier to change our habits than try to change a toddler:) I can't wait to hear if you're right about the baby's gender! Good luck!