Saturday, February 18, 2012

22 weeks

22 weeks pregnant (2/18/12)

It's a girl! Momma's intuition + big brother's prediction proved right. We had our ultrasound on Thursday and "saw" (ultrasounds are hard for my spatially disadvantaged mind to process) a big, healthy girl. The tech and the perinatologist spent extra time examining her heart and saw no evidence of any heart defects. Our risk factors for having a second baby with a heart defect were small (3-5%) but obviously we were relieved to know that not only her heart, but all her parts are looking good!

If you've been following the blog, you may have noticed that I just skipped a week of pregnancy. Talk about a productive doctor's visit! Our original due date was June 30th which was an estimate since we chose not to have an early ultrasound. The doctor said the baby was measuring as a June 14th due date, so since the discrepancy was so large, he adjusted my due date to June 23rd, which still makes sense based on what we know about this baby's beginnings :)

We were already planing a Mardi Gras/housewarming party on Friday night, so we decided to share the sex at the party. I wrapped a few clues and let Jack open the present. The first thing he unwrapped was a little lego girl. He had once been looking for his lego "garbageman" (a role he assigned) and I held up a long eyelashed lego person and he looked at me disparagingly and said, "No, mommy, that's a girl." We'll work on his gender bias later, but it made for a good way to share the news, since, when he saw the lego person, he said "It's a girl" (or rather "gur-rul"). Also in the bag were a little newborn onesie and the framed ultrasound picture for Jack's room.

Jacob and I have begun name negotiations ;)

Week Twenty-Two Stats:

How I know I'm pregnant: this is meant to be an honest blog, so still constipated :) Continued CRAZY pregnancy dreams and I notice I get winded easily - I'm either less in shape than last pregnancy or I just notice the windedness bc we now have stairs and having a 2 yr old is a physical job

Cooked 3 dinners again: falafels, zucchini "crab" cakes, and homemade salsa tacos; struggled with the 1 sweet a day rule

My healthy pregnancy intentions for last week
(how I did):

1) 20 week ultrasound!! (YES)

2) Go to the gym 1x and walk most other days. (YES)

3) Keep on top of my back exercises as I think this has helped keep the backache minimal. (YES)

4) Keep working on the one sweet a day goal despite the Mardi Gras temptations. (Um, no - I probably averaged 1.5 sweets, and maybe more, so need to try again next week)

My healthy pregnancy intentions for this week:

1) Exercise: walk, go to gym 1x, go to prenatal yoga

2) One sweet a day goal!

3) Relish the week off with Jack and get some good R&R.

4) Potty train Jack! (That has nothing to do with pregnancy but I see it being VERY helpful when the baby arrives.)

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Chelsea said...

Congratulations! I gotta tell ya, it is SO fun to see the relationship between big brother/little sister develop. :)