Saturday, February 25, 2012

23 weeks

23 weeks pregnant - 2/25/12

Ahh time off :) It has been so nice to have the whole week off from work and not to have any travel plans, something that rarely happens. Jack and I have stayed home a lot this week and it's been nice (though not as relaxing as you might think - have I mentioned that having a 2 year old is exhausting?)

We are eagerly awaiting Jack's big boy bed, due to arrive on Monday. He knows the "mailman" is bringing it and he's seen his trucks quilt that goes on top of it. Quite a hefty price tag to get the child set up in big boy surroundings! First there was the bed and bedding (thanks Grammy and Big Papa - we REALLY appreciate the housewarming gift as it allowed me to get what I wanted!), then the twin mattress, the toddler rails (two bc the bed won't be flat against a wall), and mattress pads (two bc we are entering potty training land). Jacob doesn't want to hear this, but we also need at least another set of twin sheets and then I want eventually to get a new dresser and some pictures for the wall to go with the transportation theme. Pictures to come!

So if Jack is getting new bedding, of course baby needs some too. I have a vision for her nursery that revolves around the rug we currently have in our dining room (think orange, red, green, and aqua flowers) and a picture Jacob took of an orange flower from our time in Hawaii that we blew up on canvas. 95% of girls' bedding seems to be pink, but I've fallen in love with a lime/mimosa floral set (aren't those just awesome color names?) and I'm itching to go ahead and get it. We also plan to paint Jacob's own dresser from when he was a baby to match whatever we go with. No pictures until I actually buy something, but I think this little one is going to have the sweetest nursery!

23 weeks

Belly Comparisons

23 weeks pregnant with Jack

23 weeks pregnant with baby girl

Week Twenty-Three Stats:

How I know I'm pregnant: really tired this week even though I've gotten good rest; stronger kicks; noticeable contractions - first noticed these on Valentine's day and assume they are Braxton Hicks and harmless but will definitely mention them at next appointment - they aren't painful, but are uncomfortable and sometimes I'll have multiple ones over like an hour spread - anyone else had these this early on?

Cooked 3 dinners again: falafel repeat, scallops with orange scented quinoa (thanks Food Network), and grilled pimento cheese (that I made); also made granola and cinnamon rolls from scratch; add to that a delicious $13 dinner at American Sector (including tip!) and Indian food on Friday night

My healthy pregnancy intentions for last week
(how I did):

1) Exercise: walk, go to gym 1x, go to prenatal yoga (check, check, check)

2) One sweet a day goal! (yes for half the days, no for the other half)

3) Relish the week off with Jack and get some good R&R. (yes! I've read probably a hundred books, done many puzzles, built a lego farm complete with animal pasture, farmhouse, and mushroom field, and crawled in and out of the dollhouse many times)

4) Potty train Jack! (That has nothing to do with pregnancy but I see it being VERY helpful when the baby arrives.) (We're making progress - I'm a little nervous how things will go once he is back in school, but I'm happy with our progression as of day 4)

My healthy pregnancy intentions for this week:

1) Plan for healthy dinners, cooking at least 3x

2) Pack healthy morning snack and ignore unhealthy snacks at work

3) Exercise most days


Jessica said...

I had a lot of BH contractions pretty early with this pregnancy too. They eased off for a little while, but they are back full force this past week. I'm praying that they are getting baby boy ready to come out soon! :-)

You look so adorable! I'm so excited for you guys to have a little girl! Love you!

Kimberly said...

You look great and I can't wait to see that baby girl nursery and Jack's big boy room! Finally learning the sex of the baby definitely helps to give a second wind to the pregnancy, doesn't it?