Friday, February 24, 2012

Jack at 2 1/4 years

Up till his second birthday, I was writing in a journal every month to keep track of Jack's growth. Quarter years seem more doable, so here goes his 2 1/4 year update:

Jack's Lovable Quirks
- Jackisms: still says "nummy" for another; says "cordaboys" for curdoroys and "jeanuhs" for jeans
Jack in his "cordaboys"

- He has so much to say these days that a lot of times his thoughts come out in a hyperventilated-sounding rush. For example: "Gasp, gasp, Momma, gasp, we gonna go in daddy's car, gasp, and listen to Mickey?"
- In what could have been a very dramatic evening, we were able to convince Jack to throw away his moldy looking "old" green bop (pacifier) in exchange for a "new green bop" that we happened to have been given for the new baby. (There was a brief effort at just throwing away the old pacifier, but 1 hour of crying later, we ripped open the new package.) He now refers to it consistently as his "new green bop." Jacob only half jokingly calls him a bop addict.
- He loves to play "I Spy" which comes out "Play ispywithmylileye Mommy"
- He LOVES to listen to children's songs - daddy's car is "Mickey" songs and mommy's car is "Wheels on the Bus" - he will yell "UP!" if he isn't satisfied with the volume and lets you know when to skip songs. I'm more indulgent than Jake with him :) (i.e. we listen to tracks 1,4,5, and 6 most days).

Less Lovable Quirks
- He generally cries like I've just betrayed him to the core anytime I leave him somewhere, though he stops within a minute of me being gone.
- He loves the word "No!"
- Transitioning anywhere is a battle (upstairs to down, one room to another, leaving the house, etc.)

Growing Up
- I'm realizing as I write this that he really isn't hitting much lately, which was our first big 2 year old battle. (He would hit you when he got mad.)
- We are working on potty training. If we figure it out, that will be its own post, but he's definitely making some progress.
- He is sleeping in a big boy bed for the first time tonight!

Big Brother Jack
- He giggles whenever we talk about the baby "giving me a kick". He knows the baby can hear us, he talks to her, and he asks occasionally about holding her when she's born. The baby (as yet not officially named) is "Baby Co-wa" (Cora) to Jack.

- Up at 6:30 most mornings, sometimes sleeps till 7
- Likes to come "snuggle" in our bed when he wakes up - he has a tendency to get up right after I get up, but I'm always up for snuggle time which usually means I get back in bed and then I end up running late.
- Breakfast is almost always oatmeal, usually with raisins (his favorite snack lately), strawberries, walnuts, and plain yogurt. We've started letting him have watered down OJ.
- We endure the getting dressed battle and then are off to school
- He cries about half the time we leave him, but always seems to be having a blast when I pick him up after lunch.
- We play a little after school (usually in the dollhouse - his favorite play spot) or run an errand, then read books, have our snuggle time, and then he naps for usually 3 hours!
Dollhouse play - a doctor having tea

- He wakes up between 4-5, so a little late, but then we play on the porch and usually go on a walk.
Porch time: "Hi mom"

Cruising in his fire truck

Then he plays downstairs with his trucks and fire trucks while we make dinner. More playing with one of us upstairs and then bath time with Daddy, more books and bed around 8:30.
- He seems to lie awake for a while before he falls asleep. If he wakes at night, Jacob goes in since Jack usually cries if I go in and then leave.

You are a precocious, persistent, stubborn, creative, smart, adorable, loving little boy - YEAH that you are ours!


Anonymous said...

So incredibly precious! I love reading the update on Jack - and the parents!

Kimberly said...

Jack is such a cutie! I can tell how very loved he is and I know he's going to be an awesome big brother:)