Tuesday, November 27, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Days 18-27

Day 18 - VACATION!  This is awesome!

Day 19 - The adoring look Cora gives us when she is in the Ergo.  Her head tilts back and she just stares up at Jacob or me with a look of pure love :)

Day 20 - This mild-fall weather of low 60s, with crisp cool air.  It made for a picturesque stop at Stanford and great photo ops.

Day 21 - I'm so, so grateful we live in a small-ish city with no hills and no need to take public transit. Both of those things with two small children and a stroller are not easy!

Day 22 - Old friends.  We were able to hang out with some college and TFA-Hawaii-era friends and it was really great to catch up.  I loved our friend Andrew's comment: "It was surreal to see Jacob tucking in a small child."  Haha, I bet!

Day 23 - LEGOs - we brought a small number and they provided lots of entertainment!  We also went to a wine tasting in Sonoma where there was a basket of big boy LEGOs that transfixed Jack for our entire visit.

Day 24 - Time alone.  I spent 2 hours alone at a coffee shop.  I can't remember the last time I was by myself (work doesn't count!)  I could definitely do this more often...

Day 25 - Playgrounds - always a crowd pleaser!  There are some excellent ones out there and we happened upon a great one in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood.

Day 26 - My travel partner (the adult one) - we made a great team on this trip and were able to laugh a lot despite the craziness/stress of various situations.

Day 27 - My mom!  (I love my dad too but he's not coming until Friday).  She arrived tonight!  Talk about the well-timed arrival of reinforcements!  I got 4 hours of sleep last night due to a delayed flight, so I'm excited for the help.  And there isn't anyone you'd rather have around than Beth Ann Owen to help get an event together (i.e. Jack's birthday party!)

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