Tuesday, November 06, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Days 5 & 6

Oh to be a mother.  My heart has been extra full of love for Jack Owen Landry lately.  I'm so grateful for him and also so grateful for the ability to enjoy him (that's day 5 for you).  He is a wide open, living-life-fully, high energy, passionate little boy that can drain my energy to negative levels sometimes.  So the fact that I've been day-after-day just appreciating and enjoying him lately is no small thing!

His heart is so beautiful and I feel I have such a precious thing in my hands because I know that our time together inevitably shapes him to a certain degree.  I want him to grow up to love others more than he loves himself.  I want him to be confident and operate from a place of knowing he is loved for who he is, no matter what he does in this world.  And I can only hope he always loves me and our family as much as he does now.

True anecdote:
A few weeks back, after I explain the concept of college as we drive through Tulane's campus.
Me: So do you want to go to college, Jack?
Jack: No
Me: Why not?
Jack: I just want to stay with you forever Mommy.

I love this little boy who gets concerned when he sees others cry, who asks to read another Bible story, who wants to bring a book to the table, who asks "So tell me about your day," who makes his baby sister laugh, who sings songs at full volume, who displays a wide variety of Jacob and Courtney characteristics, and who is just plain beautiful inside and out.

And I'm extra grateful (that's day 6) that there is still lots of little boy/my baby in there!

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