Sunday, November 11, 2012

5 Month Update & More Gratitude

Do they look alike?

Jack at 5 months
Cora at 5 months

Cora (Gratitude Day 9)

She continually impresses us with her sweet nature, her calmness, and her chubby thighs!  We remark over all of these things daily :)  No matter what her brother is doing, she just loves it.  We can't legitimately say "Jack, stop, Cora doesn't like that" because Cora is always smiling and laughing (no matter whether he is rolling her back and forth, laying on top of her, poking her face, etc.)  She loves him and he loves her!

We will have a weight update tomorrow, but I think she will have surpassed her chunky brother, who was 19 lbs at 5 months.  She has some serious thighs with lots of rolls and creases to be pulled apart and cleaned :)  She is still nursing only and still waking one time in the night to eat.  I am starting to drop her "dream feed" which is when I would wake her around 10 to eat right before I went to bed.  This doesn't seem to change her sleep pattern - she still goes down between 7 and 8 and wakes around 3am to eat.

She is now a littler harder to get down for naps, but she loves sleeping in her crib and nearly always takes a 3-4 hour afternoon nap with some shorter morning naps as well.  She can roll because I've found her on her back when she goes down on her tummy (she's been a belly sleeper since 1 month) but I've only seen her roll one time.  This completely matches her personality.  She's happy to just lie, sit, or prop up on her arms and watch the world around her.

She is good with her hands and grabs toys and takes them to her mouth.  She also pulls her paci out and then works very hard to get it back in.  She knows her name and looks to see who is saying it.


He has loved the visits from Aunt Molly, Poppy, Cousin Wyatt, Aunt Claire, Meemaw, and Uncle Chris this month (it's been a busy month!)  I've said before how blessed this child is to have so much love in his life and that has definitely been reinforced this past month.

Firemen dress like this for bedtime, right?
We've spent time with two Jacks over the past month.  This one and then a throw back to this one.  This is a precocious little boy who is very smart and very willful!  It's a dangerous thing when your 2 year old child says things like "Daddy, you are being impatient." or "In a second, Mommy."  He also is quick to negotiate himself a better arrangement.  And we've heard one too many "Nos" this weekend!  But then his sweet and generous nature come out and our faith in human nature is restored :) (Gratitude Day 10)


The combination of work/motherhood/hobbies/life has caught up with me some this last month.  I feel very invigorated by the busy schedule but I've also felt a little worn out and overwhelmed.  The areas that suffered were exercise (cancelled Pure Barre classes, runs that turned to leisurely walks) and our eating habits.  I want there to be healthy meals in our household and I definitely hold Jack to a higher standard than myself, but it's hard to make sure he has healthy lunches every day when there is less cooking going on.  Finding time to make meals continues to challenge me.


The 2013 International EMBA trip locations are in: Buenos Aires, Argentia; Athens, Greece; and New Delhi, India.  No final decision made yet as to where Jacob (and consequently me and Cora) wil go.

Landry Family
We're counting down to our big San Francisco/CA trip (Gratitude Day 11).  I'm looking forward to great family time and am hoping we aren't crazy to be attempting this full family of four trip!

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