Sunday, September 07, 2014

Early pregnancy

7.5 weeks - 8/6/2014

Last week was a difficult one with constant nausea that was leaving me pretty down.  I have a prescription for Zofran but would really rather not take any medications if not necessary.  So Jacob (motivated by his down, on the couch wife) did some research and most articles suggested trying non-medical remedies first.  So we got some vitamin B6 from the Vitamin Store and played with the dosage over last weekend.

Either the nausea is chilling out some on its own, or the B6 is helping!  I still feel nauseated through most parts of the day, but it's like the volume has been dialed way down and I can tolerate this level of yuck.

The hardest part of this early pregnancy nausea is the balance between needing to eat (and also knowing the nausea is worse on an empty stomach) and NOT WANTING ANY FOOD.  That's not true, I'm sure if you named 100 foods at any given moment, 3 or 4 would sound good.  They'd just likely not be in my kitchen or already prepared.

Jacob is so very practical so seeing me BUY prepared food is a hard one for him.  And timing up with our new one-income lifestyle, it's especially hard for him.  But I've asked for lenience for the next two months till I get past the constant yuck. 

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