Sunday, September 07, 2014


12 weeks pregnant: 9/6/2014

It is so nice to say to the world: we're having a baby!  This is very happy news for our family - all four of us :)

Jacob: New business? New baby? Why not?!  Baby Landry will be here before Urban South Brewery opens its doors and I, for one, am already appreciating the new flexibility in Jacob's days and think it will be well-timed during pregnancy and the early newborn days.

Jack: This child; oh my heart.  Now officially "four and three quarters", he can be so mature and kind sometimes.  He's been stoked about the baby news since we let it slip around 7 weeks.  The first night he wanted to make signs of "Mommy's having a baby" to hang in the fire station and police department. (And he did make some.)  He's the one who has told the most people; just yesterday, he saw a woman with a baby at the beach and he walked up to her and told her about how his Mommy is having a baby too.

He's also protective of me.  If Jacob is teasing me, he gets very defensive and says things like "Daddy, leave Mommy alone, she has a baby in her belly!"  He also said to me this weekend: "Mommy, you need to stop doing everything.  You need to get rest every day.  Having a baby is a lot of work!" 

Cora: Not one to let her brother get ahead of her, she also likes to proclaim "Mommy having baby!"  She knows the baby is in my belly and likes to give the baby tickles or in Cora speak "tittles" :)  Whenever the subject of the baby comes up, she says "Towah hold that baby!"  She knows the baby is too little to hold now but that she'll get to hold him/her when the baby is born.  She watched the video of Jack meeting her and she latched on to how he got to hold her and she's excited about having her own baby to hold.

And me?  The emotions that have come along with this pregnancy have been different than with Jack's and Cora's.  I now know what it's like to lose a pregnancy and that has changed parts of the first trimester.  What's been exactly the same (but I think, worse) has been the nausea and fatigue.  I've been chronicling my thoughts starting when we found out the news.

Baby Landry - due March 2015.  All four of us can't wait to meet you!

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Katie Coburn said...

Congrats to your sweet family Courtney!