Sunday, September 07, 2014

Yay for Yucky

6 weeks - 7/27/14

This week, I had a nightmare that I'd miscarried again and that brought back my anxieties.  (Is it just me that dreams in Technicolor clarity during a pregnancy?  All my dreams are so vivid.)

Like I'd actually put a picture of myself here!
So I've continued to keep our news quiet.  But I'm feeling more relaxed again, thanks to the onset of around the clock yuckiness since Thursday.  This is what I remember pregnancy feeling like and why it just felt weird to feel so good earlier this year.  I just feel "bleh."  I've started becoming picky about what sounds good to eat, but I'm still wanting to eat as it seems like I feel better when I'm eating.  (That could be dangerous.)

I'll take it!  The nausea is reassuring and, combined with no spotting, is helping me start to think we might be on our way to a third baby.  Which is so exciting!

I have an appointment with a midwife tomorrow and plan to schedule an early ultrasound this go-round.  I was so laid back at the start of Cora's pregnancy (and also so horribly sick) that I opted out of any early ultrasounds, but I know I'll want one this time.

I'm celebrating every day forward and continue to pray that I'm pregnant with what will be our healthy third baby.

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