Sunday, September 07, 2014

Knocked up (or rather out)

9.5 weeks: 8/20/2015

Is it possible you can forget how difficult something is?  I feel like I still have a good memory of Cora's birth, but even though I know I referred to the first trimester of her pregnancy as being "rough" and me being "really sick," I can only remember moments.

So either my memory is not that strong, or this pregnancy is a lot harder.  (And I'm honestly not sure which one; it would make sense, evolutionarily, that you might forget these things.)  Right now, I can only take it moment by moment.  Even thinking day-by-day is too much for me because then I get very overwhelmed by the idea that I might feel this bad for another month or more (!)

Where I spend most of my time (with children beside me)
It has now been four weeks of around the clock nausea.  And the last week and a half have been especially rough with big time exhaustion and the occasional headache and even one episode of blurring vision.

I feel like a big baby half the time, but as I toss and turn in the middle of the night with the nausea waking me up and keeping me awake, I also am just amazed that I might actually have forgotten I've felt this way in the past.  I know I had the same type of nausea with Jack and Cora's pregnancies because memories of those pregnancies bring back the same type of sick feeling in the back of my throat.  But was it this constant?

If you see us contemplating a fourth child with a rosy demeanor, you'll know I've completely forgotten these two months!

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